Day: July 8, 2018

Travel the World For Free As a Travel Writer!

Travel writing is the prefect way for one to travel and get paid for it! And now, doesn’t that sound like something we could all do? If you can write about a memorable experience, give a review of a hotel or restaurant, then you too can be a travel writer.

And on top of being paid, and getting to travel, it’s also the perfect way to remember your amazing memories. While taking pictures is nice in the long run, writing, is the true way to capture every feeling and sensation while you are traveling.

I for one have many experiences that I myself have written down and every time I go back and read them it gives me a sense of being back there again. And the best thing about travel writing, as I said before, is that you are paid to travel!! That means no more waiting around for that extra income so you can travel the world – travel the world right now!

Upgraded flights, upgraded hotels, tickets to sold out shows, VIP treatment wherever you go, if this sounds like the path for you, then travel writing can get you there. Or, if you’re more like me, and enjoy the more adventurous touring of travel, travel writing can get you there as well! Actually, I kind of think my way of traveling can give some pretty interesting stories. I remember sleeping on ferries and trains. Sharing food with locals, and even partaking in a friendly drink at the town’s pub. But whatever way you choose to travel, it’s all up to you – just go for it!

There really is no better feeling in the world then to be out there traveling a new road you have not been down before. There’s something so freeing when you realize that the only worry for the day will be which to train to take, and to what destination, and whether you’d like to dine in St. Mark’s Square or along the Venice canals. It truly is the best experience one can take in life. It’s the adventure that allows us all to realize that we’re still living – that we really are experiencing all this world has to offer!

As I know you do, I too have many stories to share from my travels, and can’t wait to see what new ones I’ll have in the future. Travel writing is the perfect way to allow me to travel now, get paid, and also have a documented memory of where I’ve been in this world. It’s like how the ancient Greeks so desperately wanted to be remembered in life… and I mean, don’t we all? This is the perfect way to let others know of all that life has offered you.